Why Regular Six-Month Appointments are so Important

Maybe you grew up visiting the dentist every six months, like clockwork. Maybe you didn’t, and as an adult, the months roll by silently until you realize a year—or even two!—has slipped by without a dental checkup and cleaning. If you’re in this camp, we won’t judge you. But we will tell you why it’s important enough to remember.


Your gums take a lot of flack, with all the brushing and chewing and lack of flossing (admit it) your mouth endures. That soft flesh that holds onto your teeth needs some attention every once in a while just to make sure everything is okay. Gum disease changes everything, and you do well to catch it early. What starts as gingivitis can lead to periodontitis…which can mean infections that might make you lose some teeth. Gum disease is totally preventable and treatable in early stages; you just have to watch for it! We know what to look for.


It’s very rare, but we see suspicious anomalies sometimes during regular cleanings that prompt a closer look. A few of these have turned out to be situations that required attention…and the patient was so happy we caught it. When we’re familiar with what your mouth looks like when it’s normal, it’s a lot easier for us to see something fishy. Food for thought.


That scraping tool you hate keeps teeth smooth and white. You can brush at home, but you can’t remove tartar by yourself. Tartar makes your teeth look yellow and smell bad. It’s produced by old plaque, bacteria and saliva that mineralize by a chemical reaction…and once tartar forms, it hardens like limestone. Sometimes we will use a procedure called scaling to remove tartar before it causes gingivitis.


At Reel Dental in Glendale, AZ, we love to take care of our patients and treat them like family. Please let us take care of you! You’ve put it off long enough. Please schedule on appointment or call our office at 623-934-7606

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