4 Reasons Hygiene Appointments are so Important

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4 Reasons Hygiene Appointments are so Important

1. Help avoid Gum Disease

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing after each meal and using a mouth rinse will help to maintain your teeth. Dental cleanings every 6 months with proper oral maintenance will help prevent gum disease. Our Hygienists work with you to provide the best preventive care. If gum disease is diagnosed early we can help to treat and reduce the effects otherwise it could lead to loss of teeth. Let us help protect your gums!

2. Have good health

Having clean teeth is a team effort. Poor hygiene habits can lead to a host of problems like gum disease, bone loss, infections, heart disease, etc. Treating Gum Disease is good for your overall health in that good oral health can help with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. We want you to have good overall health that’s why we work with you to achieve good oral health.

3. Maintain your natural teeth

Did you know that having your own teeth in your mouth can prolong your life for at least 10 years? A leading reason adult’s loose teeth is due to gum disease. Having teeth keeps your digestive track in order, allowing you to chew and digest your food properly. Our fuel is our food and must be chewed properly to aid in our digestion.

4. Early detection of problems

If every time you washed your body your arm or leg was bleeding you would probably not wait to see the Doctor. The same goes for your gums. If they bleed every time you brush or floss or while chewing you should come in and see the Dentist. Don’t wait for problems to get worse, see the Dentist regularly to avoid extensive problems later. Treating cavities, broken teeth, and gum disease early will help prevent extended and expensive damage later.

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