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Glendale Pediatric Dentist for Kids

The American Dental Association now recommends that children visit a dentist no later than his or her first birthday. With this proactive approach, your child’s teeth and gums are assesses for any possible   problems. You and your child’s dentist should review important information about diet, bottles, tooth brushing and fluoride use. Visiting the dentist from a young age will help your child become comfortable with his or her dentist. It also establishes the good habit of regular dental check-ups.

Preventive Care

At Reel Dental, we focus on prevention. We provide routine examinations and cleanings that include fluoride and sealants to our patients to help prevent tooth decay. We know that finding tooth decay or any oral abnormality in its earliest stages allows for the least invasive, most effective treatment. Our focus on prevention and early detection benefits the patient by taking care of any dental problems as soon as possible.


Cavities are holes that are formed when bacteria (germs) in your mouth use the sugar in food to make acid. This acid eats away at the teeth. Cavities are common in children. However, good tooth care can keep cavities from happening in your child. Everyone in your family should take good care of their teeth. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and adults should floss twice a day. Everyone should see the dentist twice a year. Have your doctor or dentist show you the right way to brush your child’s teeth.

Good dental hygiene in children not only protects their teeth and overall health, it encourages a better self-image and instills confidence at an early age. If you are looking for a compassionate, friendly dentist who understands your child’s needs, look no further. Call Reel Dental today at 623-934-7606 to schedule an appointment.

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